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Inhost's SEO service will drive customers to your web site. Customers are searching online for businesses like yours every minute of every day. They can find your competitors' web sites or, with Inhost's help, they can find yours.

When a customer uses a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing, they enter search phrases to find what they want. When you order SEO service from Inhost, we will optimize your web site around search phrases that are relevant to your business. But most importantly, we will also create a vast series of relevant back-links to your web site through our unique network of high-traffic web sites. Now your web site will begin to appear on the first page of natural search engine results. These are not the sponsored listings, which most people skip over; these are the natural search results that appear in the center of the page.

There are many companies offering optimization services these days. It is an uphill battle to find a reputable company who can deliver on its promises.

We have been working together with a mix of various specialists since the earliest days of SEO.

Over the last 10 years we have assembled a team that provides some of the best results you will find in the country. We use only the safest "white hat" methods that fully comply with the protocols of all the major search engines. We are so confident in our work that we offer a money-back guarantee.

Our Plans and getting started:

  • Our base plan, SEO Pro-8, delivers optimization around 8 search phrases (also called keyword phrases). You send us 8 search phrases that you believe will bring the most amount of targeted traffic to your site. We will analyze your selection and make recommendations until a final list of phrases is agreed upon.
  • Need more optimized keyword phrases? We also offer SEO Pro-16, SEO Pro-24 and SEO Pro-32 plans.

If you want to truly dominate your market in search engine rankings, ask us about our SEO Enterprise Plan.

Our Pricing:

Once contract is finalized, your pricing is locked in for the duration of your campaign year after year. Until then, prices below are a guideline and are subject to change.

SEO Pro-8 $1995.00/year
SEO Pro-16 $2995.00/year
SEO Pro-24 $3995.00/year
SEO Pro-32 $4995.00/year

Contact us or call 1-888-446-4678 for details.


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We hope that you will appreciate our low pricing for one of the best services in the country. At, your contract price is locked-in and never goes up from year to year!


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" deploys only the safest "White-hat" methods which fully comply with the protocols of all major search engines."

Inhost provides that extra level of attentive service you require at prices you can afford. Join us today and see the difference.